AUN AKEY1 Projector – Max 1080p HD / Superior lamp life image color / High-quality internal speaker

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1. AUN AKEY series projector is the best portable projector.
AUN AKEY series projector with higher brightness and better image quality than EC77/UC46/GM60. Highly recommend for you.
2.Various multimedia interfaces as HDMI/USB/VGA/AV/SD/Earphone interface, with built-in speaker, can connect with PC, Laptop, DVD, PlayStation PS3/PS4, WII or XBOX, can also connect with smartphone (MUST support MHL function).
3. Support Throwing & Ceiling projection mode; Support optical trapezium adjustment function and image flip function.
4. Can read video, music, picture, excel and power point but more ideal for home theater.
AUN Projector AKEY1 MINI Beamer for Home Theater, 1800 Lumens LED Proyector Low Noise HDMI Full HD 1080P Video LED TV
Venta al por mayor – proyector AUN 1800lumens AKEY1 / AKEY1X MINI Beamer para el teatro casero, proyector LED del bajo ruido HDMI Full HD 1080P Video LED TV
Aun akey1 lcd hd 1800lm projecteur home cinéma portable
Aun akey1 lcd hd projecteur home cinéma portable #05779244
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