Bluboo S3 – 6.0 Inch FHD+ / 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM / 8500mAh

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Bluboo is one of those China-based manufacturers that produce smartphones with looks and hardware specs well beyond what their price-tag suggests. The latest offer here is the Bluboo S3, which is currently on sale for $149.99. And, for that amount of money, it looks like it could be a real bargain.
Bluboo S3 6.0 Inch Sharp FHD+ 8500mAh 12V/2A NFC 4GB RAM 64GB ROM MTK6750T 1.5GHz 4G Smartphone
Bluboo S3 6.0 Inch Sharp FHD+ 8500mAh 12V/2A NFC 4GB RAM 64GB ROM MTK6750T 1.5GHz 4G Smartphone – Black
FHD+ 8500mAh 12V/2A NFC 4GB RAM 64GB ROM MTK6750T
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