Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Brita Atlantis Water Filter pitcher. LINK to Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher:
LINK to Brita Filters: . It measures a bit over 10 inches tall by 11 inches across and 5 inches wide at the widest part here. It weighs about 2 pounds. The unit comes with the pitcher, a filter, filter indicator that helps you know when to change the filter, you can stick this on the side of your pitcher and an instruction manual.
The Brita Filter Pitcher should reduce zinc, chlorine taste and odor, copper, mercury and cadmium in your tap water.
This pitcher is BPA free and comes with a flip-top lid. I like that the top of the pitcher is completely covered, there is no opening above the spout, it’s covered with this little piece here. Some other Brita Pitchers have the spout exposed with no cover. This opens when you pour water. The top is easier to wipe clean because it’s one piece and flat. Other pitchers have grooves on top so dust and dirt can get trapped in there. The handle has a comfort grip. The pitcher is pretty slim and fits nicely in the refrigerator door or on your counter top. This unit holds 6 cups of water.

Before using, wash the pitcher, lid and reservoir with warm soapy water. Push the reservoir back in. With clean hands, take the filter out of it’s bag. Hold the filter under cold, running tap water for 15 seconds. Insert the filter into the reservoir, line up the groove with the notch inside. Press to make sure it’s inserted all the way. Put the lid on.

This is the cloudy, chlorine smelling water that comes out of my tap. I’ll push the flip top lid and fill with water. When pouring water in, don’t pour directly over the filter but to the side of it. The water should flow out from the filter into the pitcher. Brita recommends discarding the first 3 pitchers of water or use it to water your plants. You might see some carbon dust in the first few fillings. These advanced filters are great because there’s barely any carbon dust. There was a lot of carbon dust with the old filters. Wait for all the water to flow through the filter before pouring into your glass. It took 1 minute 15 seconds for the 2 cups of water to flow through.

I like to wash my pitcher and parts each time I change the filter. None of the parts are dishwasher safe, they’re hand wash only.

Brita recommends changing the filter every 2 months or 40 gallons. The filter comes right out and they are recyclable. There are drop-off locations or you can mail the filters with a free shipping label. I’ll put a link to the recycling info in the description below.

Recycling Filters

The filter should be wet all the time so you should really have water coming up a little up the filter. You don’t want the filter to dry out. If it does, then resoak it for 15 minutes. Also, if you’re leaving the pitcher on your countertop, make sure it’s in a cool area and not in direct sunlight.

This 6-cup Pitcher is great for smaller families. It’s easy to use and takes up very little space. I like that the filters are recyclable and Brita has made it convenient for you to do it. Getting a water pitcher like this is a good alternative to purchasing tons of water bottles. I’ve put the link to the Brita in the description above. Please subscribe for more reviews. As always, thanks for watching 🙂


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