Condi H1 Smart Watch – GPS navigation / IP68 waterproof rating / WiFi capability

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2017 NEW Condi H1 SMART WristWatch 1.39 inch OLED Bluetooth 4.0 GPS / WIFI / 3G SIM Call & Network IP68 Watchproof Heart rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Altitude Record Function MP3 Compass Switchable Strap For Andiod 5.1 Wearable Devices

Main Features :
1.39 inch OLED 400*400 Sapphire glass mirror
” IP68 ” Professional Waterproof
500W HD Photography
Support Video and Call Simultaneously
Temperature ; Altitude ; Air Pressure ; Gravity Sensor : Mcube
Bluetooth 4.0 : Controlling Music Player , Including MP3 ; SMS , Camera , App Reminder and Push Information
Real time Heart Rate Monitor , Pedometer ; Sleep monitor
GPS Navigatio ; Compass ; 4G+512M Memory
Stainless Steel Watch Case ; Switchable Strap ; 450MAH large battery
3G Calling & Network , WIFI ; SIM Card ; address list
Other functions : Alarm clock, Calendar, Stopwatch,Calculator, Record, etc
Language: Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,English,German,Spanish, Italian,French,Portuguese-Portugal、Portuguese-Brazilian,Russian,Indonesian, Malay,Polish
Condi SMART WristWatch H1 GPS BT WIFI 3G SIM Calls & Network 4G+512M IP68 Watchproof Compass 500W HD Camera For Andiod Wearable
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