DIGGRO QS90 – Smart wristband with 0.96-inch OLED display / Get real-time weather updates

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Diggro QS90 is an upgrade to the QS80, 0.96 inch screen gives you a better user experience. QS90 supports various sport mode monitor, continuous real-time heart rate monitoring and the measurement of blood pressure and blood oxygen, make you better understanding of their own health, more love and care for yourself. The bracelet not just record your exercise routine data such as distance, steps, calories burned, also automatically monitor your sleep quality during the night, help you develop a good habit. As a fitness helper, calls and message reminder, you won’t miss anything important, no doubt, QS90 will be your more intimate sports partner!
Diggro QS90 Blood Pressure Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Blood Oxygen Monitor IP67 Fitness Tracker for Andriod IOS VS QS80
QS80 Upgrade Diggro QS90 Smart Sport Wristband 0.96inch OLED Bluetooth4.0 Real-time Heart Rate Monitor Blood pressure and Blood Oxygen Monitor Multi-sport Pedometer Call Message Reminder IP67 Fitness – BLACK
Fitness Tracker, TOPWRX Activity Wristband : Bluetooth Wireless Smart Bracelet, Waterproof Pedometer Activity Tracker Watch Bracelet for IOS & Android Smartphone
KALOAD QS90 0.96 Inch OLED Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Waterproof Smart Sports Bracelet Watch
QS90 Fitness Tracker Wireless Smart Wristband
Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring Pedometer Sedentary Calls Messages Reminder Alarm Clock Sleep Smart Bracelet
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