Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor Review – 70740

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor. LINK to Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor: http://amzn.to/1XBWffe It’s 15.5 inches tall by 10.7 inches wide and weighs a little over 6 pounds. It’s a mid-size food processor. It has 2 speeds and pulse control. If you choose, 1 or 2, the processor will run continuously. The unit has suction cups on the base so it shouldn’t move around on your counter.
The unit comes with the base, plastic work bowl, lid, food pusher, chopping and mixing blade, reversible slicing/shredding disc and an instruction manual. The maximum amount of fruits, vegetables, meat that you can process is listed in the manual.

This food processor is designed to chop, mix, slice or shred. Hamilton Beach recommends that you do not grind spices, crush ice or knead dough. I wouldn’t recommend doing those things in most food processors because that’s really not the purpose of a food processor. However, you can knead dough in higher end food processors.

To put the unit together, turn the bowl clockwise to lock into place. Put the blade on the motor shaft. Turn the lid clockwise to lock. Put the food pusher in the food chute. Turn the machine to Off, the O and unplug it before removing the lid. Just turn and remove. Remove the blade carefully. Turn the bowl and remove. Let’s test the unit.

First I’ll chop onions. Maker sure the unit is set to off before putting anything in the bowl. I’m using 2 medium yellow onions cut into 1 inch pieces. I’ll use the pulse function because it gives you more control over how fine you want the pieces chopped.

Next I’ll puree 3 tomatoes cut into 1 inch pieces. The tomatoes are pureed nicely.

Now I’ll slice a cucumber. I’ve removed the chopping blade. Place the disc with the slicing blade on top. It just sits on the motor shaft. Hold the blade on either side. Lock the cover. The cucumber will fit whole upto this point and then it’ll get stuck because the chute is not wide enough. It’s not going to fit bell peppers or apples. You’ll have to cut them to fit the chute. I’ve cut my cucumber.

Now I’ll shred carrots. The carrots are slim and fit nicely in the chute. Push down with the food pusher.

The removable parts are top rack dishwasher safe but I would hand wash in warm soapy water right after use. It is also light enough to move to a cabinet and take out when you need it.

The Hamilton Beach 8-cup is best for people who want an inexpensive unit to chop produce and puree as well as make dough once in awhile. It’s not a heavy duty machine. The link to the Hamilton Beach is in the description below.

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