JOYROOM Battery Charger Case – Super slim / Protect your device from electrical faults / 2300mAh

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ULTRA SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT:Only 0.2 inch thickness and 2.72 oz to your iPhone 7, compact size, no excessive part at the bottom,
fits easily in your hand or in your pocket.

PROTECTION: High quality plastic in the Joyroom battery case for the Iphone 7 4.7″. Makes sure that your phone will be protected
from drops and impacts.

SUPERIOR QUALITY LITHIUM CORE:The batteries use Grade A+ batteries with FCC CE and RoHS certification. Internal chips
also are imported ,protect your smart phone from overheating,short-circuiting, over charging, and discharging!

PERFECT CUTOUTS:Joyroom charger case allow access to all cameras, microphones, sensors, controls and most importantly
headphone jack.

EASY TO USE:This battery case for the Iphone 7(4.7”) is extremely easy to install and use. Just sleek ON/OFF button,keep yourself
charged at 100% all the time.
Joyroom 3.8V 2300mAh Battery Charger Cases For iPhone 7 External Battery Case Cover Backup Portable PowerBank Rechargeable Black
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