LEMFO LF19 – 50M professional waterproof / Standby time: 1 year / Pedometer, alarm, remote camera

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5ATM SWIMMING WATERPROOF : Adopts the superior waterproof material , and it works great under water 50 meters with 5 ATM. Suitable for bathing , swimming and water rafting , enjoying no limitation and flexible wearing experience Attention that DONT press any buttons under water or put into hot water .
SUPERB BATTERY ENDURANCE : Built in high capacity cell battery ( replaceable CR2430 standard button battery ) , no charging for about 12 months under saving power mode and it lasts for about 8 months in normal using . Superb power endurance with replaceable cell battery , convenient to use it to obtain longtime favour while in camping , climbing , hiking …
BLUETOOTH NOTIFICATION PUSH : Easy to pair with cellphone . Timely syncs the incoming calls , SMS , app notifications push ( like Facebook , Twitter , WhatsApp and Skype ) . With instant alarm alert to remind you , valuable notifier for important schedules when in meeting , classing or business . ( Attention that the watch CANNOT shows the texts and only flicker the icons with alarm alert )
PROFESSIONAL SPORTING TRACKER : This sporting watch specialized for professional exercising , accurate pedometer function , count steps , movement distances and burnt calories . Also the data of sport activities can upload to the app , available to manage scientific and regular exercising goals and maintain the fitness status anytime .
BUZZER ALARMS WITH LIMINOUS DIAL : Set the awake alarms to remind yourself getting up in time ( only set 1 alarm on watch , but set 3 alarms via the phone app ) . With luminous dial ( need press the button S4 ) , convenient to use the watch at night with cool style . Enjoying the entertainment of sporting watch at anywhere .
LEMFO LF19 Smart Watch Smartwatch Passometer Smart Clock Bluetooth Sync for Phone Smartwatch Waterproof
LEMFO LF19 Digital Mens Smart Watch IP68 Waterproof 5ATM Call SMS Notification Sport Smartwatch with LED Backlight
LEMFO LF19 Bluetooth IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch Sport Swim For Android iPhone
LEMFO LF19 Montre Bluetooth Blacklight Waterproof Sport Monitor Appel Rappel de message Smart Watch
LEMFO LF19 Smart Sports Watch
BT4.0 5ATM Water-Proof puce puce Podomètre Calorie Alarme Chronomètre rappel Compatible IOS 7.0 et Android 4.3 ou ci-dessus
LEMFO LF19 Waterproof Smartwatch for Android and iOS
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