Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband

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A Step Up of The Past
If you’re hunting for the perfect blend of accuracy, style and compatibility, you’ll find it hard not to love the Lenovo HW01. Lenovo’s latest HW01 smart bracelet still wows with its elegant look but it now offers a bezel-free display that gives you more to look at without taking up extra space. Even its battery life has seen a pretty big increase and will now last about 5~8 days on a charge.
Solid Build with Scratch Resistant Screen
Fitted with a 0.91” inch screen flaunting a 128 x 32 pixel resolution, Lenovo goes with the ABS material for its body instead of going for an aluminum or stainless steel. On top of that, the screen is scratch resistant, apart forom a water-resistant rating of IP65.
A Lot More to Expect Under The Hood
Under the hood, the bracelet connects with your Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. Despite the capability of almost all the commonest calculations like pedometer, distance calculator and calorie counter, it still has something that blows the others out of water, anti-lost, dynamic heart rate monitor, remote camera for instance.

Main Features:
– Heart Rate Monitor
Real-time monitor your heart rate, you can know your heartbeat condition at any time
– Sleep Monitor
Monitor your sleep time and quality, keep a beautiful skin state
– Sports Track
Record sports steps, distance, calories burned, etc. data, which lets you insist on sports every day
– Call Remind
Remind you with vibration in time even in a noisy environment
– BLE 4.2
With strong Bluetooth chip, the wristband can measure the data more accurately, low-power consumption
Original New Lenovo HW01 Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Wristband GPS Heart Rate Moniter Pedometer Sports Fitness Tracker for Android iOS
Lenovo HW01 Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Wristband Bracelet
Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband Bluetooth 4.2 en tiempo real del monitor de ritmo cardíaco de sueño Manejo de podómetro de seguimiento de deportes para iOS Android
Lenovo HW01 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband
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Lenovo HW01 Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Wristband GPS Dynamic Heart Rate Moniter Pedometer Fitness Tracker for Android iOS – Black
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