Makibes G03 – Smart fitness band with independent GPS chip / Multiple sport modes / IP68 waterproof

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◾0.96 inch OLED
Equipped with 128 * 64 resolution touch screen, self-luminous and low power consumption.
◾IP68 Water Resistant
IP68 Professional protection level, support swimming (not hot water bath and hot water)
◾230mAh Battery Capacity
230mAh polymer lithium-ion battery, standby time 240h, GPS time 6 ~ 7h
◾Smart Talk and Message Tip
Connect your phone via Bluetooth and dial your name smart alert to answer or reject. Social app message content reminder.
◾Dynamic heart rate test
Professional dynamic heart rate sensor, exercise heart rate state analysis, 7X24 hours to monitor the minimum and maximum vibration warning.
◾Independent GPS track
Important nano-GPS chip, professional data testing can help you run science (no application support).
◾Professional data acquisition sensor
Nine axis G sensor / pressure / temperature / height, bracelet curve shows the trend.
◾More features: a variety of sports modes (swimming, running, cycling, walking, climbing), dynamic heart rate sensor, GPS, trajectory, message hint, gravity sensor, pace / speed, curve Settings, screen brightness adjustment, time synchronization, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, pedometer
Makibes G03 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Smart Band Heart Rate Monitor Call Reminder GPS chip S908 Sports Bracelet
Makibes G03 IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Call Reminder GPS Smart Band
Makibes G03 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Sport Tracker for android or ios
Makibes GV68 IP68 Sports Heart Rate Monitor Message Call Reminder Smart Watch
Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Smart Band Heart Rate Monitor Call Reminder GPS
Makibes G03 IP68 Sport Tracker With GPS Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker Fitness Bracelet For IOS/Android
Makibes G03 Smart Wristband IP68 Water Resistant Sport Tracker GPS Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker Fitness Bracelet Compatible with iOS Android – Black
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