Makibes G05 – 1.3 inch color display / Built-in GPS / Dynamic heart rate monitor

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Makibes G05 is the first sport watch to feature MTK2503 chip and built-in GPS. The design is aim to provide excellent work out experience. It helps tracking your running trails and positioning your location. Makibes G05 is a perfect match for sports lover
1.3″ Round Display
Makibes G05 features 1.3 inch large round screen, 240*240 resolution.
CPU MTK2503 Bluetooth 4.0
Makibes G05 adopts MTK 2503 chips. And you can connect your smartphone to Makibes G05 via the bluetooth function
500mAh Battery Capacity
Built-in polymer lithium battery with the capacity of 500mAh, 120 hours standby time
TF Card And SIM Card Supported
Makibes G05 supports 32GB TF card to save more music or audio record. And there’s a SIM card slot for you to insert NANO SIM card for phone calling and texting
Precise satellite, GPS positioning
With Makibes G05’s built-in GPS system, your tracks of exercise can be recored and all the data will be updated to your smartphone app.
Multi Sports Modes
Makibes G05 us a snartwatch supports multiple sports modes. From riding, running, climbing, hiking, even tracking and training your dogs with innovative products made to keep up with your lifestyle.
Compatible with both IOS for iPhone and Android system
It is the good assistant of climbing and traveling.
More functions
Remote music control, Camera remote control, Steps counter, Sleep monitor, Sedentary reminder, Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Stopwatch, Audio recorder
[NEW] Makibes G05 GPS Sports Watch 1.3” Color Screen Smart Watch multi-sport Smartwatch Bluetooth 4.0 built-in GPS chip MTK2503
Makibes G05 Smartwatch GPS Bluetooth MTK2503 32GB TF Card SMS Reminder Multi-mode Sports Compatible with iOS Android – Black
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