Makibes ID107 Plus – Real-time heart rate monitoring / 0.96-inch OLED touch display

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🔹Heart Rate Monitor and Auto Sleep Tracking
Makibes ID107 Plus’ real-time heart rate monitor can keep track of your heart rate status 24 hours. Automatically monitor your sleep status – heart rate, light sleep and deep sleep.
🔹GPS Supported Multi-sport Mode
Recording Multi-sport modes, there are 8 default activity modes, includes walking, running, riding,hiking,basketball,badminton. Additional 6 activity modes can be added to the APP includes tennis, football, climbing, biking, yoga and dancing. Connect to the phone’s GPS, you can check sport tracking, sport tracking chart, sporting rate and sporting distance can be seen in APP.
🔹Call Reminder Message Notification and Answer/Hang Up Button
The wrist can remind you when there’s phone call by vibrating. You can also pick up the call or hang up the phone by controlling the wrist band.It also display notifications when there’s new messages coming such as SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and Email.
You can set up up to 10 alarm clocks on the wristband and each morning the wrist band will vibrate to wake you up.
🔹Guided Breathing
Find moments of calm throughout your day with personalized breathing session based on your heart rate
🔹Cardio Fitness Level
Get a better understanding of your fitness level and see how you can improve over time with a personalized Cardio Fitness Score.
🔹Remote Music and Camera Control
When the wristband is connected with the phone, you can control you music playlist by the wristband, you can change to the song you like anytime without looking at the phone.You can also take photos by the remote control function.
🔹Pedometer, Sedentary Notification, Weather Broacast and Stop Watch
Basic daily health care functions supported, calculate how many steps you have taken and prevent you from sitting too long when you’re working. It also provide life information such as weather broadcast.

24 hours real-time heart rate monitor
Recording Multi-sport modes,
Connected Phone GPS to record sport trace
Guided breathing, Fitness level of heart and lung
Multiple watch face style switch , All-day activities recording,
Auto sleep tracking,
Call alert +Hang up, Weather alert, Music control, Remote shoot, SMS/SNS alert,
Sedentary alert, alarm alert, Anti-lost
Makibes ID107 Plus HR Smart Band Bluetooth 4.0 Answer Call Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Sleep Monitor multi sports 5 displays
Makibes ID107 Plus Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Sports Activity Bracelet w…
Makibes ID107 Plus HR Smart Band Bluetooth 4.0 Answer Call Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Sleep Monitor multi sports 5 displays
Makibes ID107 Plus Smart Bracelet 0.96 Inch IP67 Bluetooth OLED Activity Tracker Heart Rate Tracker Call Answer Compatible with Android iOS – Black
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