OUKITEL C8 – 5.5 Inch / Android 7.0 / 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM / 13MP CAM / 3000mAh

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►TinyDeal : http://fas.st/Ze0iSf
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OUKITEL C8 features a 5.5″ 18:9 aspect ratio and narrow-bezel screen which requires more creative and challenging craftsmanship will definitely deliver stunning visual experience. Greater version with little size, the world is in your hand.
Equipped with 2GB RAM, OUKITEL C8 meets no difficulty in multi-taksing or handing the most demanding apps. 16GB ROM along with max 32GB expansion is totally enough for you to store tons of images, videos, songs, and files.
OUKITEL C8 added fingerprint recoginition technology into the smartphone. Fast speed unlocking the phone. This will not only simplify the unlocking process, but also protect the owner’s privacy.
OUKITEL C8 is packed with a 3000mAh battery, it can last for a normal one day’s using. OUKITEL C8 in hand, never mind battery dies.
Oukitel C8 Mobile Phone 5.5 Inch 18:9 HD Screen phone Quad Core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 13MP Android 7.0 3000mAh Touch ID Smartphone
Presell OUKITEL C8 5.5″ MTK6580A Quad-core Android 7.0 3G Phone 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 13MP CAM 3000mAh Touch ID
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