SENBONO G8 – 1.3 inch touch display / Make and receive calls / Loss-prevention feature

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SENBONO G8 Smartwatchs Bluetooth 4.0 fitness tracker SIM Card Heart Rate Blood pressure smart watch For Android IOS
Main Functions:
1. Phone Function: Dial calls, Answer calls, Call reminder, Message reminder, Push message.
2. Sim card/Sd card: Support Nano sim card.
3. Contacts: Support
4. Pedometer: Tracker, Calories, Steps.
5. Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth 4.0, Compatible with Android system and IOS system.
6. Alarm clock: Support.
7. Remote Music: Support (music only play in smartphone).
8. Remote camera: Remote camera to take photos in smart phones.
9. Health Data Synchronization: Support.
10. Heart Rate: Support Second-generation heart rate.
11. Blood pressure: Support.

Main Parameters:
1. Speaker: Support.
2. Battery capacity: 300 mAH.
3. CPU: MTK2502.
4. Vibration motor: Support.
5. Antenna: Support.
6. Side buttons: Support.
7. Charger: USB Charge.
8. Screen Resolution: 240*240.
9. G-SENSOR: Support.
Note:the Green,yellow,Grey,Red has no free Straps,hope you can understand
SENBONO G8 Smartwatchs Bluetooth 4.0 fitness tracker SIM Card Heart Rate Blood pressure smart watch For Android IOS
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