Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express Electric Peeler Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Starfrit Rotato Express. It’s an electric peeler, you can plug it in or use 4 aa batteries. LINK to Starfrit Rotato Express:
This is designed to peel potatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, citrus fruit. Anything you’re peeling cannot be higher than 5.5 inches tall so if you’re peeling a long cucumber, cut it in half so the unit can grip the cucumber firmly.

This peeler measures 11 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. It weighs a little over a pound so it’s very light. The unit comes with an instruction manual, plastic knife that’s stored under the base. You can use the knife to remove potato eyes and blemishes. There are two extra blades included. This unit is plastic and has a non-slip base so it shouldn’t move around on your counter.

Let’s test this peeler. Recently I have some sort of allergic reaction when I peel potatoes by hand and I got this as a very thoughtful gift. So let’s start with a potato. Put a cloth down to catch the peels. Put the potato on the bottom food holder and press down a little. Lower the upper food holder so it holds the potato. Raise the cutter arm so it’s on top of the potato. This is sharp. Press the red button and it should start peeling. It should stop automatically when the arm reaches the bottom. Lift the upper food holder. Grab the potato, rock it back and forth and pull it towards you. Don’t pull it straight up or you may get stabbed.

Next, I’ll try a mango. Mangoes are slippery and a lot of people have a hard time peeling them. I’ll try a pear next. Let’s try a lemon. It’s nice to get a long curl which is good for decorating your plate. The pear was also peeled well.

To clean, use a damp soapy cloth and wipe dry. This peeler is great for people who have difficulty with their hands and using regular manual peelers. It did a good job on everything I tried to peel.

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