VStarcam C81 – Night vision baby monitor / 720p HD video / Two-way audio

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VStarcam C81 baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors in the market with excellent video & sound quality to capture and record the best moments of your baby with sharp and clear outputs.
Feature :
• EXCELLENT VIDEO & SOUND QUALITY – The 720P High-Resolution lens of this baby video monitor provides HD image snapshots & video recording of your baby’s special moments and save on micro SD card for future reference. The video monitor have a sharp audio to listen to your baby’s voice with no interference with other devices around.
• TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION – Stay in touch with your baby when you are not in the room with this nanny cam two-way communication feature, which allows you to listen to your baby and talk-back with the built-in microphone and speaker anytime. The crying and voice detective intelligent feature will help you to know when your child is awake, in pain or need proper care.
• SECURE & EASY TO USE – This baby monitor WiFi is very easy to install, operate and connect to your phone, tablet or computer device within few minutes using the EYE4 App. You don’t have to be tech savvy to operate the app; it can be operated easily by all ages. Simple interface with incredible app user experience. One of the best baby monitors easy to set up and use, even by a semi-conscious person without any problems.
• MULTIPLE CONNECTION: This baby monitor WiFi has password identity feature with high security built for the safety of your infant and to peace of mind. Restricting the access of a third party, you can use your Smartphone, Tablet, PC with Wifi feature to connect to the device and monitor your baby’s activity and safety from any place, even when at work while grandma or nanny is at home with the baby. The wifi setup is simple, just follow the instructions that come with the device.
• TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY DETECTION – This is one of the best technology to determine if your baby’s room is at the best temperature and humidity level. Without being in your baby’s room, you can know the environment condition with our baby monitor for safety and to be sure if your infant is in a normal room condition.
VStarcam Wireless Baby Monitor with Battery Night vision Clearly 2 Way audio Crying Temperature Humidity Security IP Camera w
Nanny Cam Video Baby Monitor Wi-Fi HD 720P Wireless Audio IP IR Night Vision
Baby Monitor With Wi-Fi, Nanny Cam HD 720P Wireless Camera, Two Way Audio, WiFi Wireless Network IP Security Surveillance Video Camera System with Invisible Infrared for Night Vision, VStarcam
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