Wavlink AV500 – Wireless network extender / Transmission up to 500Mbps / Plug and play

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Wavlink – Bringing Technology to Life
Powerline networking is a best solution for homes and offices, which have trouble with wireless connections or have walls or floors that cause interference. With the extra, pass-through power outlet on the adapter, you can keep your outlet free for other uses. The WAVLINK Powerline Extender offers easy, plug-and-play setup and provides ultra fast WiFi Internet coverage, going through the walls and the floors, for the most demanding applications, which is ideal for connecting HDTVs, game consoles, STBs to the Internet throughout your home.

HomePlug AV Technology for Faster Transfer Rate
The NWP503W2 uses the HomePlug AV standard , which can create a faster speed up to 500Mbps over powerline,reduce network interference, use 128-bit AES encryption. It is a great choice for a whole home solution to connect all network compatible devices including PCs and game consoles, IPTV, STB, NAS.

300Mbps Wireless N Speed—Extend Your Wireless Coverage
With wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps, users can effortlessly extend their networks via their home’s existing electrical circuitry and broadcast a wireless signal to hard-to-reach areas of their home or office.

Outlet Saving
Integrated power socket keep your outlet free to plug into other devices when needed. It offers a convenient way to solve the problem of socket lacking.

Plug and Play
There is no need to set up the Kit again after initially established. No need to configure or install software. Simply plug the Adapter with included Ethernet cable and it will be auto-connect out of the box when pairing with the other Adapter.

Pair Button for Easy Network Security
Simply press the Pair button on the adapter, then you can set up a hassle-free Powerline network within seconds, which enables greater network security and data protection with one-touch 128-bit AES encryption.

Power Saving Mode
Each adapter automatically reduces energy consumption by up to 85 percent when not in use.

Ethernet Port
The NWP503W2 offers 2 Ethernet ports to connect a wired device, such as a game console or smart TV, to establish a stable connection.

Extend your network up to 300m (1000 feet) away.
Gain access to a high-speed wired or Wi-Fi network to nearly any room in your home and garage. Simply plug in the Powerline Adapter into an available power outlet near your router or modem and connect via Ethernet cable. Floors and walls will not be the problem of signal interference.

Support Advanced Multiple-media Optimization
Users can choose which type of traffic they will use — Internet, Online Game, Audio, Video or VoIP will guarantee clear, instant reproduction of that application, even when other applications are running on the network at the same time.
Wavlink AV500 2-LAN Port Powerline Wifi Adapter Wired 500Mbps+Wireless 300Mbps Powerline Extender Kit with Power Outlet Passing
Powerline Network Adapter Wireless Wifi Range Extender, AV500 Signal Booster Kit with Power Outlet Pass-through,up to 500Mbps
Wavlink High-speed AV500Mbps Nano Powerline Extender Kit Up to 1000 feet Range
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